All three of the techniques I am using are fascia related methods in the sense mentioned before, all three of them are gentle, holistic, relaxing and create long lasting effects. They treat general dysfunctions in tissues, both acute and chronic. A carefully conducted medical history and palpation are prerequisites for their application.

Bowen Therapy ISBT®

Bowen Therapy has been developed by Tom Bowen (1916-1982) in the fifties in Australia. Some of his students turned their observations into courses and started teaching this method since 1990, first in Australia and then spreading over the whole world. This myofascial therapy consists of rolling ”moves” with thumbs or fingertips diagonally over muscle or tendon on the superficial fascia, giving an impulse to the body. The body reacts instantly or within days, regulating the tension in the tissues. A treatment consists of some of these moves, acting gentle and fast while creating long lasting effects. It addresses the central nervous system as well as the locomotor system, fascia or organs. Mobility and elasticity of tissues can be restored, thus facilitating function and reducing or resolving pain. According to scientific evidence Bowen-Therapy is reducing tension in hamstrings, and leads to improved mobility in ‘frozen shoulder’. (see also downloads)


Dr. John Upledger developed this therapy after his studies of osteopathy and traditional medicine. The therapist is working with the rhythm of the cranio-sacral system which consists of skull, spine and sacrum, their surrounding tissues and the fluid (liquor) within. The rhythm is caused by the cerebral fluid, and can be detected everywhere in the body by a skilled therapist. It is a means for both diagnosis and therapy, leading the therapist towards irregularities of tension or structures. So the therapist can improve functions of the body and gently treat pain, asymmetries or tensions.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

NMT is a further development of Paul St.Johns’ NMT, which is very common in USA.
Palpation of painful parts of the musculoskeletal system (muscles and tissues) leads to special painful spots (sometimes triggerpoints). Several painful points in one area are being lightly pressed for some seconds until the tissue softens, the cranio-sacral rhythm can be sensed again and the pain decreases.

Deep Tissue Massage

Biodynamic Massage


Supporting Measures

individually selected for prevention and health maintenance from intendons®, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind-Centering, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Pilates,etc

Schüssler Salt, Bach Flowers, Homeopathy (low potencies), Ceres Urtinkturen